A training course to improve your public speaking

What to expect

Friendly environment 

Meet new people 

Improve yourself  

Develop your speaking skills

What you will learn

How to work in a team
How to express your thoughts
& feelings
The types of communication
How to prepare a speech
How to reduce stress levels
How to be able to face challenges
How to avoid common mistakes


The importance of communication
Body language
Communication in particular situations
Receiving & giving constructive feedback
Reflecting & evaluating results

Countries involved







What will be provided


Transportation costs (depending on your country of residence)

Food - Three meals per day

Topics per day

Day 1. Introduction to effective communication
Day 2. Preparation & presentation of a short speech
Day 3. City tour - Watching & analyzing professional speeches of the Galician parliament
Day 4. Activities in Santiago, theater & stand-up comedy
Day 5. Self-reflection - Watching videos & discussing about professional talks
Day 6. Preparation & presentation of a longer speech
Day 7. Evaluation & reflection

When to participate

Your age is minimum 18
You are willing to get out of your comfort zone
You are committed & focused on working on your personal development
You are able to freely communicate in simple English
You are officially resident in one of the countries which are involved
You are willing to take part in the whole programme & in all the activities
You are ready to face challenges
You are a volunteer, youth leader or youth worker active in a non-governmental organization