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what is this about?

The ideal of the united people of Europe is collapsing. Today, more than ever, it is necessary to weave in our continent a bridges network between east and west, between north and south. Bridges that promote cultural dialogue between nationalities to combat old and new prejudices that inevitably lead to discrimination and xenophobia. In Xeración we are working hard to facilitate this mutual understanding. That’s why we need you

We are looking for 1 volunteer to give us a hand organising linguistic workshops, presentations, cultural activities, events and all the international projects Xeración is developing. We can offer you a full immersion in the Galician culture while you improve in a practical way linguistic, cultural and project management skills that will help you to integrate into the labour market at the end of the project.

Welcome, here you can find all the important information about European Solidarity Corps in Xeración.

The European Solidarity Corps is a voluntary program funded by European Commission. Participants must be 18-30 years old and has to be registered on the ESC database

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From June 2020 till March 2021 (10 months)

Ferrol, Galicia, Spain

Program is fully covered, included are:

Transport from your home to Spain and back (limit 275€), accommodation, food allowance (150€/month), pocket money (150€/month), insurance, on-arrival and mid-term training and language support.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via our social profiles or writing to: 



You’ll learn how to create promo videos and to produce short documentaries


You’ll assist us on the implementation of local and international youth projects


You’ll give a hand in a artistic residence and organising workshops and exhibitions


You’ll organize and facilitate languages exchanges and workshops




The project will take place in Ferrol, a metropolitan area of almost 120K inhabitants, in the northwest of Spain. The city is located in the coast not far from A Coruña or Santiago de Compostela.

We believe in the importance of your self development. That’s why we offer you the possibility and support to implement your own ideas, not just to take a part on existing projects. In this way ESC could become a more personal enriching experience.

In our volunteer's book...

  • "Thanks for the 9 months adventure. It was a travel not only in Spain, but deep inside myself."

    Emilka Garska
    Emilka Garska Poland
  • "Thanks a lot for all the moments we had shared. It was a pleasure to meet you all! With or without reggaeton you will be always welcome in Istambul"

    Ege Yaman
    Ege Yaman Turkey
  • "We were creating something magical. Keep going and sharing the story of Xeración with as many people as possible. They will enjoy the ride"

    Jana Sadovska
    Jana Sadovska Slovakia