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What is this about?

Participation is becoming more and more important not only as an idea, but also as an action. The number of cities that decide to consult their actions with citizens is growing. They are doing so by conducting open debates and implementing participatory budgets. These actions often ignore the youth’s voice and needs. That fact has impact on young people sense that being a citizen is connected with an influence granted by being of legal age.
In our opinion being a citizen starts in our closest environment: yard, school, district. We cannot let the energy, ideas and enthusiasm go to waste while we wait for them to grow up! During this training course we want to give youth workers the skills, the tools, the knowledge and good practices, all regarding the way of engaging youth into the decision making processes on different levels – from their closest environment, through non-governmental organizations actions, to schools and influencing political decisions on local and higher level. What we want to focus on especially is participation inside youth organizations. We believe, that right now, when all Europe is struggling with a massive crisis of trust in democracy and institutions we need to rethink role and model of youth organization .


– build a common understanding about what participation is
– get to know and exchange good practices about youth participation on different levels
– get to know and develop methods of sustaining motivation and commitment of young people
– get to know and develop tools for youth participation inside organization / creating a model
– get to know and develop methods of stimulating activity of youngsters with
consumer lifestyle
– make a first step to create local partnership for inclusion of young people in a social life / exchange of experience, knowledge and skills, designing the stakeholders map

For whom?

This training course is targeting youth workers, youth leaders, group leaders, who are interested in this topic and are willing to implement acquired skills and knowledge in their organization and community.

Participants should be +18 and residents on Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Estonia, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Romania, Greece and Spain

Location and dates

I’m part of it Training

Training will take place in Narón, Galicia, north-west region of Spain. The activities during the training will last 5 days (+ 2 travel days)

The best way to get to Galicia is to book your flight tickets to SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, A CORUÑA or  PORTO (PORTUGAL).

*Your travel expenses will be reimbursed on the base of tickets, bookings and invoices so remember to take them all with you. After training bank transfer will be done.

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