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Internships in Spain

Are you looking for a nice opportunity to get skills that are valuable on the labour market? Would you like to kick off your career by embarking on a professional internship abroad? Are you eager to discover Spain and its culture? Did you get a grant and are now looking for an internship in Spain? If your answer was yes for all these questions, we can help you!

We have internships available in a wide variety of sectors and roles around Northwest Galicia. We work with a all kind of companies ranging from family companies (as a cosy hotel managed by José’s family) to multinationals (as Pull&Bear headquarters) and we offer you a full support before, during and after your stay abroad. Now, it’s the time for YOU to gain some confidence, some experience and to increase your leadership capabilities while travelling around this picturesque region of Spain.



The internships we offer you take place in the city of Ferrol. This city is in the northwest of Coruña province being it’s second most populated area (over 110K inhabitants within it’s metropolitan area). The first is  A Coruña (50km far from Ferrol). Santiago de Compostela, the famous pilgrimage destination, is one hour ride from Ferrol.

Coruña province is in the northwest of Galicia, a region above Portugal and… guess where? in the northwest of Spain. Galicia is populated by 2.7M people and is considered an “historical territory” due to its own unique language (Galician), geography, climate and cultural personality.

If Galicia is greener and fresher than the South of Spain, it also offers the wildest and the most beautiful beaches of the country … a paradise for surfers! The city centre of Ferrol by itself is also worth being seen as many of its buildings constitute a unique heritage of the Enlightenment and the Modernist wave. The city is also very active on the cultural level, especially with its Route of the Meninas of street-art, it’s famous Holy Week and all the cultural events organized in places like the Jofre theatre.

Last but not least, the port of Ferrol is also the starting point of the English Way to Santiago de Compostela. Hence if you are also looking for physical challenges, more connection with nature or more time for self-reflection, Ferrol is waiting for you!

Which sectors ?

In which sectors can you do your internship?

We can arrange your placement in a wide range of sectors adapted to your profile and preferences. Thus, as example, we collaborate with companies working on:

  • Tourism & Hotel Business
  • Administration & Accounting
  • Commerce & Marketing
  • Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy
  • Baking
  • Cookery
  • Linguistic Centres
  • Real estate & international trade agencies
  • New technologies & informatics
  • Woodwork and furniture making
  • Panel beating and car bodywork
  • Car maintenance

Helping, Tutoring & Monitoring

Helping, Tutoring & Monitoring

We offer you our experienced support, before, during and after your mobility structured on several steps:

Help with the internship:
We find you a placement in a company that fits you skills and preferences.
 We accompany you to the place of work on the first day of the program. We make sure the job description, the individual responsibility and the goals are clear. We also ensure that the working hours and the duration correspond to what is mentioned in the initial description of the internship.
➥ All along the project, we keep a regular and open conversation with both the companies and the participants to monitor the performance of the internship.

Logistical support and safe living conditions:
We make sure you get necessary visa, on-arrival pick up, health/travel insurance and support in case of emergency.
We make sure you have access to all the necessary information, including information about relevant accommodation and basic living costs that may occur during the program.

Learning experience: 
We set clear expectations and provide cultural preparation
We facilitate your learning process and help you to develop your potential
We help you to, both, become more aware of your strengths and to handle problems that might occur during the internship abroad
Afterwards, we help you to enhance your learning experience abroad with Europass certificate.

We also put at your disposal a 24/7 emergency number to make sure you have our support at any time.



To get to Ferrol

The best way to get to Ferrol is to take the plane to A Coruña or Santiago de Compostela. We can provide you with the transfer from each of these airports to Ferrol.

The city is connected too with several direct trains and buses to the airports of Madrid (7h distance) and Porto (5h ride)

Local transports

We can provide you a bus card that will allow you to take buses in the whole region of Galicia, and a bike card, that offers a full access to the municipal bike facilities of all metropolitan area.



As for us, inviting you to do an internship abroad also means making you feel “at home” in a foreign country, it’s important for us to make sure you have a comfortable accommodation in Ferrol. To do so, we arrange a flat for you in the city centre, with all the basic necessities provided and an easy access to the shops and to your company. If other interns are welcomed at the same time, you may have to share the flat with them. Depending on the situation, you might also have to share a room. In any case, all these information are provided beforehand and we always guarantee pleasant living conditions.

Language Courses

Language Courses

We arrange customized language courses that match with both your current level in Spanish / Galician (from beginners to advanced) and the level you want to reach. For those who have an elementary level, these classes will help you to deal with everyday situations and teach you how to interact with locals in the country and in the region. All courses are designed and implemented by professional teachers.