Speak Factor

Speak Factor es una oportunidad para aquellos que quieres mejorar la capacidad de hablar en público en inglés, de una manera divertida y creativa.

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The general aim of the project is offering learning and training opportunities for a number of 32 trainers, in order to perform an integrated program of entrepreneurship, by each of the four partner organizations (from Romania, Czech republic, Portugal). Subsequently develop entrepreneurial competences of 100 unemployed adults from Europe.

The project is included in Key Action 2 of education program ERASMUS +, Development of strategic partnerships in the field of Adult education in Europe and aims the development of entrepreneurial skills of human resources, offering new alternatives for training and lifelong learning. PEAS IN A POD is funded by European commision.

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DREAMOCRAZY is a project of 13 months duration that seeks to pro by creating a common strategy between associations from Spain, Portugal and Greece. This strategy will pivot on the promotion of youth participation by using liquid democracy as a model and as a methodology . We aim to create and share tools that enable youth of our respective local communities to visualize a process of social change and feel involved in it.

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