Un año de voluntario en Faro

Nuestro socio ECOS de Faro está buscando voluntario español para participar en su proyecto «Activating youth». Si te interesa sigue leyendo que ahi van los detalles…

Volunteers’ role, tasks and learning-service outcomes

The volunteer will be involved in the daily tasks and general management of the hosting organisation where she/he will be in close touch with important features, developing the communication skills, the competences of working in a close team and getting inside some administrative issues, that can be useful in his/her future professional or volunteer life inside any organisation. Information sessions within schools, University, organisations and events will also be held on, as one of the main features of this project involves the promotion of the YOUTHLAB that expects to inform, motivate and support local youth in engaging the available opportunities of learning through mobility, volunteering and development their youth initiatives.

Other Activities & Workshops – Throughout the year, within ECOS and the network of local, regional and national partners, this EVS project foresees the integration and development of activities that fall under our philosophy, aims and objectives (e.g. Video-Forum of Faro) and that are a good way to join all the EVS volunteers together and to print their mark near the inhabitants.

Profile of Volunteers

The volunteer should be dynamic, motivated, love to work in a multicultural and international team, responsible and sympathetic. We will give priority to volunteers with social and economic difficult backgrounds, or in situations of long term unemployment. The gender and age it’s not important (will be balanced) but it will be of great help that the volunteer speaks basic English. We can offer different level tasks on the project depending on the volunteers skills and learning expectations, never the less it will be of great importance that the sending organization (SO) inform us about the volunteers, about their difficulties, particular issues, diet, etc… Our goal after the project is that the volunteers should feel motivated to go on multiplying other projects in their own country

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09/2018 – 09/2019

I want to apply

Send your CV and motivation letter in english until to 07.09.2018  anita@xeracion.org