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WE are the partner you were looking for

Are you looking for a nice opportunity to collaborate with an active and reliable hosting partner in Spain? We can help you. We have 10 years experience working with all kind of European mobility programmes. During this time we had developed a valuable experience while creating a wide range of local and international partners. Our work is recognised with the Quality Label of the Spanish National Agency. As well we are one of the 50 Spanish organisations holding Erasmus+ Accreditation. Our multicultural team is able to communicate in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German.  Our employees have personal experience in diverse short and long term projects, within them – internships in foreign country. This guarantees that participants coming here will be supported by team who has experience in similar situation and this common empathy can lead to more fruitful outcomes for both sides. Also our young and international crew will ensure your participants feel welcome 

We offer you a full support before, during and after the mobility. Besides the placement process we can help during the project design as well as with the dissemination of results.


We’re based in Ferrol a city is in the northwest coast of Spain. It’s 65K inhabitants (over 110K within it’s metropolitan area), it’s friendly people and it’s compact structure make it a perfect place to dive into the Spanish lifestyle. Here you can find all shops and services you need within 20 minutes walking distance. While the city center is full of historic buildings from the Enlightenment (it’s in process of becoming UNESCO heritage) the outskirts offers the wildest and the most beautiful beaches of the country… a paradise for surfers!

Thanks to the Atlantic influence, local climate is mild. Temperatures rarely go below 0 and ocean breeze mitigates the summer heat waves that suffer other parts of the country. Perfect to enjoy its summer concerts or cultural festivals, while having some tapas in one of the terraces by the seaside.

The city is surrounded with wonderful sights. In the nearby area it’s possible to find cozy fisherman villages, breathtaking cliffs or ashtonishing natural parks. Coruña (and its international airport) is just 50km away and Santiago de Compostela (Ryanair hub) is one hour ride from Ferrol. We offer you convenient private transfers to both cities.

The city is connected to the airports of Madrid (5h by direct high speed train) and Porto (5h by bus)


We can arrange placements in a wide range of sectors adapted to the profile and preferences of each participant. We work with all kinds of companies ranging from family small businesses to multinationals (as Pull&Bear headquarters). Thus we stablished collaborations with over 50 companies working on:

  • Tourism & Hotel Business
  • Administration & Accounting
  • Commerce & Marketing
  • Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy
  • Baking
  • Cookery
  • Language schools
  • Real estate & international trade agencies
  • New technologies & informatics
  • Woodwork and furniture making
  • Panel beating and car bodywork
  • Car maintenance


We offer you our experienced support, before, during and after the mobility structured on several steps:

Development of the internship:

  • We offer a range of potential hosting companies and organise all the matching and communication with them.
  • We support participants to the place of work on the first day of the program. We make sure the job description, the individual responsibility and the goals are clear. We also ensure that the working hours and the duration correspond to what is mentioned in the initial description of the internship
  • All along the project, we keep a regular and open conversation with both the companies and the participants to monitor the performance of the internship

Logistical support and safe living conditions:

  • We guide you on the process of visa request, legal registration and health/travel insurance.
  • We also put at disposal of all participants a 24/7 emergency number to make sure they’re supported at any time.

Psicological support and coaching:

  • We help participants to set clear expectations and provide cultural preparation
  • We actively help in any kind of crisis situation (health emergencies, convivence problems…)
  • Afterwards, we help to enhance your learning experience abroad with Europass certificate

Local transports:

We can provide you a bus card that will allow you to take buses in the whole region of Galicia, and a bike card, that offers a full access to the municipal bike facilities of all metropolitan area.


We understand that finding the perfect accommodation for your participants in Spain can be a daunting task. That’s why we are here to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. To do so, we can arrange a flat for them in the city centre, fully equipped and well connected with public transport. Depending on the length of your program, we’ll arrange private or shared rooms in one of the 4 appartments we manage in downtown


We arrange customized language courses adapted to all levels in Spanish / English (from beginners to advanced) and the learning objectives your intern wants to reach. For those who have an elementary level, these classes will help the interns to deal with everyday situations and teach them how to interact with locals in the country and in the region. All courses are designed and implemented by professional teachers.


We often organize cultural excursions for students and teachers who would like to better discover Galician region. Also we cooperate with local guides and schools to offer the best plans for leisure time (activities like surf classes, hiking trips etc)

Also we organise free of charge cultural events organised by the international volunteers collaborating with our organisation.