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What's Xeración?

Few words about us

Xeración is a network of non governmental organizations established in Spain in 2013 with the following common objectives:

  • To promote and facilitate the geographic mobility of young people (especially the ones with fewer opportunities), students and youth workers at European level.
  • To spread social economy and volunteering projects both locally and internationally
  • To promote the critical thinking and to empower young people to take part in society as active citizens by creating and advocating for participatory processes
  • To enhance the values ​​of tolerance, human dignity, multiculturalism, solidarity, cooperation, social justice, and social integration
  • To promote healthy lifestyles and ecological lifestyle
  • To raise awareness about social issues though arts
  • To provide counselling to youngsters

To achieve these objectives Xeración develops a wide range of social and activism projects mainly targeting people below 35. Thought them we try to encourage self responsibility spirit amongst Spanish population. By organizing “good practices” meetings and workshops we work too to improve the quality of social projects from organisations in our area.

We have offices in Galicia and Valencia.