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April 2022 – Ferrol (Spain)

The project


            Main objectives :

Through the “Artbeat” youth exchange, we want to raise awareness of the importance of exploring your identity through music, to give hope and empowerment to the artists that had a rough time during the pandemic and at the same time to maintain awareness of our feelings. 

Young people will be brought together in order to live an exploration of self-expression, reconnecting and awareness, using music as the main tool, as well as other forms of art.

Therefore, the “Artbeat” youth exchange will contribute to tackling
all the issues previously described. 

At the same time, it can be an opportunity for young artists to explore their talents, to discover more of their artistic potential and even start
gaining some skills that could benefit their future career, be it artistic or not.

The basics


Sada, A Coruña (Spain)


(Arrival) 15 - 22 April 2022 (Departure)


Participants / Partner countries

There were four organisations participating in the project (from four countries) :

  • Romania : Tinerii 3D
  • Germany : East West East
  • Spain: Xeracion
  • Greece: Katerini

Inside the Youth Exchange

What to expect


The participants had the chance to create a specific multicultural environement with more than six different nationalities ! 

Our various team building workshops aimed to connect young people to share their skills in order to build a common project around music.


Expressing our feelings is the basis of music creation, hence an important amount of time of ArtBeat dedicated to self reflection.

We strongly believe time for yourself is the best way to propel your feelings and talent into your music. 


The ArtBeat Youth Exchange is designed to provide to young artists with an exceptional opportunity to create songs in a multicultural environement. 

Boosting our participants’ creativity, music skills and motivation are our challenges !

Our workshops were organised in different ways to connect the participants and to enhance their creativity.

We dedicated a strong amount of time for jam sessions in order to tackle the lack of group activities during the Covid-19 pandemic and forster team building.

Preparing the concert as a final project lead many activities. Our organisators offered many workshops to help the artists to create four original songs in groups, but also to learn tricks to play on stage.

The final project :
A concert in Cuerda Floja

On the last day of the Youth Exchange, our participants recorded their new created songs in a studio : you can already listen to them at the bottom of this webpage ! It was an opportunity to discover the music industry world, finalize their creations and create long term memories.

On the same day, they visited the town of Ferrol with the permanent volunteers of Xeracion.

Check our video of the studio recording : 

Our concert in the bar Cuerda Floja in Ferrol : singing their original songs, an open-mic session and a lot of time singing along with the public : ) 

What our participant say....

It was a super cool experience during which I connected with a lot of international people, over something we were all passionate about : music ! I would definitely do a project like this again : )
Spanish team