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FerrAll for Theatre

Volunteering Team about inclusion through Theatre and Storytelling

What is this about?

Inclusion is one of the basic pillars of European values, as such there should be a basic understanding of what inclusion is and how it is expressed. But, in most formal education institutions of modern european countries this value is overlooked, with the result of people either not understanding what true inclusion means or the ways in which it can be implemented in everyday life.


Ferrol is a small Galician city on the Atlantic coast, overshadowed by the bigger surrounding cities. A city with a big and complicated history,  but also a city that has fallen in recent years, with a decreasing population slowly fading in obscurity. Even though the city has a steady stream of tourism, through the pilgrimage path that starts there (Camino Ingles), the actual integration and interculturality in the city can be described as tenuous at best. As such, the project’s goal is to create and perform a theatre play, with an international team in an inclusive environment, with an intercultural focus.


Theatre & Storytelling  can be very useful tools to understand someone’s feelings,  improve self esteem and develop interpersonal and intrapersonal communication. As such the main tools of this project will be improvisational theatre, not used as an end in itself, but instead as a tool to express emotions and stories. The project aim is not only to give the participants the tools necessary to create a public performance at the project’s end, but also to be able to improve aspects of their life on their own after the project.

What are we going to do?

The project will last 20 days, in which the participants will be able to learn storytelling techniques as well as discover their unique storytelling style. Essentially, not only what stories they want to express, but also how they want to express them. We aim to combine these styles and these stories to create a cohesive script not as individuals, but as a team.

Also during the project, the participants will be able to explore the techniques and principles of improvisational theatre, work on communication and chemistry on stage and prepare for the final performance of the theatre play.

The project’s end goal is to create and perform a theatre play in a public space in Ferrol, with open invitation to the inhabitants of the city, in order to involve and impact the local community.

Why would you want to participate in this project?

✅ Spend 20 summer days next to the Atlantic Coast
✅ Improve your Improvisation skills
✅ Explore different Storytelling techniques

✅ Express your thoughts and feelings
✅ Experience the unique Galician culture
✅ Live with an intercultural and inclusive company
✅ Increase your knowledge of body language
✅ Work on your acting skills
✅ Live and work with amazing people and develop your team work

 … all of this in an open and entertaining environment.


Ferrol (Spain)


10 -30 August 2023 (9th and 30th are travel days)

A fully covered project (No fee)



Reimbursement of your costs up to 300€ per person



Double/single room in apartments of 4-6 people (foreigners)



200€ pocket money (foreigners)
150€ pocket money (locals)

We're looking for participants:

– Young people willing to learn and experiment (18-30 years old)
– Able to understand and communicate in English
– Ready to get out of their comfort zone and work on their personal development
– Officially resident on the European Union
– Available for the whole duration of the project
– Eager to develop acting and storytelling skills through non formal education activities in a friendly atmosphere
– Ready to actively participate to the different sessions of the project (learning process seen as an horizontal dynamic, not a top down one)

Interested? Apply now!