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Intercambio last minute en Estonia

Título: The colours of inclusion

 ¿Cuándo? del 2 al 10 de junio de 2016

 ¿Dónde? Tallin (Estonia)


The Colour of Inclusion is a youth exchange that will bring together 42 young people (6 participants from 6 partners from different countries, plus 1 youth leader for each country). Which will be held in Tallinn, Estonia . Nicentbatcardta . The participants will come from backgrounds that have been linked with social exclusion such as those who have dropped out of school, the long term unemployed, those at risk of poverty and lower on the socio – economic scale. The youth leaders involved will be young people currently working in the field of social inclusion in order to provide direction to the young people and share best practice. The main focus of the project will be to explore, raise awareness of and fight barriers to social inclusion that are central to the participants, and to promote and spread values as solidarity, mutual understanding and intercultural awareness as core European values. The main aim of the project will be to build the confidence and trust of the participants through the innovative use of a variety of art forms, while educating them in how to improve their participation in society, both in the short and long term, without compromising their individuality and integrity. During the project participants will discuss social inclusion and the factors that affect it within their own countries, then work together multi-nationally, using input from their own culture, to raise awareness of and address these issues and the methods in which problems may be resolved. This will be done using the art forms they prefer, thereby promoting and presenting their culture and at the same time becoming part of a larger group and tackling a wider issue. Additionally, time will be given each day towards self-reflection outside of the activities and for young people to approach any topics with staff that they may feel are too private for them to address with the whole group. The final outcome of this self-discovery and artistic development will be a public presentation of the products developed during the exchange and a 2 minutes spot from each group that addresses one of the issues of social inclusion. After the exchange, These final videos and the pieces of art created will offer an understanding of the way in which the constituent countries of the European Union can work together to break down barriers, whilst also celebrating and showcasing their beauty and passion. The films and the pictures will then be disseminated to partners, relevant organizations and the participants themselves through as many different means as possible.

Condiciones de participación

  • El proyecto cubre el 100% del alojamiento y manutención durante su duración.
  • El importe del transporte está cubierto hasta 270€.
  • Es necesario ser socio del Xeración Team (cuota anual de 10 euros).

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