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Speak Factor III

The Erasmus+ training course to develop public speaking skills

What is this about?


Everyone would agree to say that the ability to communicate effectively in public is a very important skill to have. Everyday, we face different situations that require us to express our thoughts, share our personal stories, present a project to our team, convince people… But when the core of our work implies to collaborate with people with very different backgrounds, to really engage youngsters in the long term, to raise awareness on certain topics, to connect people and accompany them in their learning process… this skill becomes crucial. Being an effective youth worker requires indeed to have superb communication skills. Having this superpower helps organize better our everyday work and projects, from an activist campaign to the activities of a summer camp.

Unfortunately, this is a skill the majority of the people don’t really get the chance to practice at school (despite a couple of oral presentations). What if you never had the chance to be on the stage? What if nobody ever gave you constructive feedback about your strengths and weaknesses when sharing your ideas? What if you haven’t managed yet to develop enough self-confidence to face a big group and defend your ideas? Then you (and your organisation) have a handicap.

Don’t worry, many people working in NGOs share the same issue: not being able to really connect with an audience. For all those who feel this lack, we had developed Speak Factor courses, opening now the third edition of this successful programme.

What are we going to do?

The training course will focus on important aspects of public speaking, teaching you about different tricks that are useful when giving a presentation. The course will cover subjects like stage fright, the different types of communication, body language and much more. You’ll practice pitch preparation while getting constructive feedback. Apart from learning about public speaking, you’ll also learn about each others countries and cultures. 

What will you improve with this training course?

✅ Efficient communication in given situations
✅ Improvisation
✅ Preparation and presentation of an official speech

✅ Express your thoughts and feelings
✅ Give and receive constructive feedback
✅ How to handle your stress when speaking in public
✅ Body language
✅ Acting
✅ Team work

 … all of this in a funny and enriching environment.

The trainers

Fran Sequeiro

Fran has over 10 years of experience on the stage, first as actor an then as trainer. He studied in the Actors Academy of Naron. As passionate about public speaking he host since 2017 the local workshops of Speak Factor which take place in Ferrol every two weeks. Is specialist of body language and loves to work with international groups being this the 9th international training course he facilitates.  

Gabriel Vivas

Actor, educator, and researcher.  Gabriel has worked as a drama, public speaking, and voice techniques trainer with several organisations across the world. He uses Theatre-Voice-Body Expression methods for working with young people directly, including young people with disabilities, young migrants and refugees, Roma community, and LGBTIQ+ young people. He is a visiting lecturer at The Royal Central School of Speech of Drama, and is writing his PhD thesis at King’s College – University of London. 


Vigo (Spain)


Arrival 30th April - Departure 7th May

A fully covered project (No fee)



Reimbursement of your costs up to 300€ per person



In a double room with private bathroom



Three meals and two coffee
breaks per day

We're looking for participants that are:

– Youth leaders, youth workers, workers in NGOs or volunteers (minimum 18 years old)
– Able to understand and communicate in English
– Ready to get out of their comfort zone and work on their personal development
– Officially resident on the European Union
– Available for the whole duration of the project
– Willing to develop their public speaking skills through non formal education activities in a friendly atmosphere
– Ready to actively participate to the different sessions of the project (learning process seen as an horizontal dynamic, not a top down one)

Video Speak Factor I

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