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Intercambio subvencionado sobre empleabilidad en Rumania

This youth exchange focuses on exploring key competences “learning, sense of initiative and generating new skills «and provide the details required to understand the economy from a different perspective. Also will explain why learning something new became so important in our society.

What are the objectives of the project?

  • to gain a broader understanding of what a “sense of initiative and new skills” means.
  • to introduce new and innovative methods to work with youth in this area.
  • to explore ways to empower young people to be more active in their communities through
    creative methodologies.
  •  acquire financial education through non-formal learning.
  • to share best practices and useful methods and to gain innovative ideas.
  • to support young people in their personal leadership and to generate strategies and tools that serve them to use their creativity
  • to support “soft skills” of young people like communication and team work
  • to inspire participants to share the acquirements from the project with others
  • to develop economic competences
  • to give participants a new perspectives to their work in NGO departments
  • to inspire participants to work as trainers for other young people
  • to learn conversation and questioning techniques
  • to support the employability of project participants in the fields of Small Medium Enterprises (SME)

Who can participate?

  • people highly motivated
  • aged 18 – 24
  • actively involved in youth work
  • ready to implement the ideas in their everyday practice
  • legally established in Spain


The project will be held from 16th of November to 27th November 2014. Participants are expected to arrive on 15th of November, and will depart on 28th of November.


The project will be held in beautiful mountain area of Braşov, in the central part of Romania.

How much?

The project will be on terms and conditions of the grant agreement between SOLOMON and Romanian National Agency.

Board and lodging will be provided and paid by the organizers, less an amount of 60 Euro/participant considered co financing.

Travel costs for Spanish participants will be reimbursed till a maximum of 270€

For more info

Send an email with your cv and few lines about your motivation to join the project to