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Project Summary:
«Do step forward» is an EVS project in which involved 1 volunteer
Title: » Do step forward «.
Preliminary date: 06/02/2016 – 06/01/2017 (11 month)
Project Venues: Tallinn (NGO Youth Club Active), Tammispea Village (NGO Youth
Centre Vihasoo), Estonia
To expand opportunity of learning and developing for volunteers from different countries
through doing EVS project with children and youth in our organization. (That is why the
title of the project is “Do step forward” which is connected with main aim and idea of the
project. We have a lot of opportunities for volunteers and he or she has to take initiative
and through work with kids develop his or herself.
• To present the non-formal learning to volunteers through the priorities of Erasmus+
programme, create the appropriate timetable to volunteer according to volunteer wishes
and abilities. (Use his/her potential in the right way.)
• To involve volunteers and youth in self-assessment process, to think about what they
have learnt from this cooperation and communication. To provide to volunteers
YouthPass certificate and make through it the self-evaluation process.
• To create an own workshop and realize own admissions in action in our organization.
Give the support for achieving results in volunteer work.
• To transfer the experience which will be gained at all stages of EVS project
• To disseminate outcomes and results from the EVS project in their mother countries,
to promote the EVS project among other youth
• To build up creative and communication skills, support intercultural learning, foster
mutual understanding between volunteers from different countries and young people or
children from Estonia
The NGO Youth Club Active with close cooperation with NGO Youth centre Vihasoo is
provided to volunteers work in the youth field.
The role of the organization is to promote the non-formal education, to involve
youngsters in different social activities and international projects.
We have the big sphere of work with youth and ready to offer to volunteers be a part of
our organization, express themselves and try to develop themselves by doing different
activities in our organization.
The biggest part of work will be focused in Tallinn youth in Youth Club Active and
sometimes work will be in the second territory of organization Vihasoo – suburban camp
Vihasoo (Tammispea village). There will be organized children camps and different
projects for children and youth, where the volunteers will be the biggest part. The
volunteers will have all services for work in both territories.
The main activities for volunteers are:
– Organization and leading of workshops in Youth Club Active centre (depends on
volunteer skills and knowledge, could be language courses, juggling, theatre, dance,
music, art, journalist, digital and etc).
– Participation and coordination of local projects for children and youth
– Participation and organization of entertainments, events for children (concerts, games,
competitions, holidays, vocation)
– Work in urban and suburban camps (during the children vocation in all-weather
– Cooperation with other local partners – youth organizations, coordination projects with
them and other stuff.
– Take initiative and realize own ideas in action (write own local project, organize event
for children or other entertainment).
EVS project description 2016-2017 «do step forward»
The project idea is to make cooperation between volunteers from different countries and
youth from Estonia and help them to be a part of learning process, where from doing
something you developing different skills. It is two sides development process which will
positively influence to volunteers and youth (children) from our organization. We would
like that volunteer will take initiative and try to do something new for him or her and we
are ready to support. That is why our EVS project title is “Do step forward

Plaza Last Minute para SVE en Moldavia

Lugar: Comrat, Moldavia
Fecha: 01/09/2015 – 29/02/2016
Contacto: AJS:
The project is intended to promote education, social protection of disabled children and socially vulnerable families of Gagauzian region of Moldova, re-socialization and reintegration into their family and society.
The volunteer will work in the Rehabilitation Centre for disable children «Fidanjik» which was founded on September 12, 2001 and twice a week in Fidanjik branch in “Kirsova” village. Objectives of the project are:
– to work with children with disabilities on individual programs, where the most important component is to prepare them to independent life in society and the development of self-
– to provide child health services, according to the needs of children – from personal hygiene, healthcare, housing, literacy classes, psychological evaluation, to cultural activities (music festivals, music classes and handiwork) and sports.
The responsibilities included assisting in the basic care and first and foremost the participation of the daily routine of residents to improve the care and quality of life both in collaboration with the professional staff. The volunteer`s role will be to bring her own cultural conditioning in. She will have contact with other volunteers and learn of the culture of the host country.
The project aims at assisting children in difficult situations and in need of special support and care, and drawing attention to the socially vulnerable children – orphans. Volunteers are supposed to help small boarding schools and orphanages provide family-type of care and support. The EVS volunteers work at the Children center in Chirsova. They create and facilitate interactive and educational activities in order to stimulate children’s creativity and body expression. They also collaborate with the Fidanjik Centre for disabled children.

Proyecto SVE en Alemania para 2015

Información general sobre el proyecto de SVE

Persona de contacto: Dirk Schubert
Organización coordinadora: Auslandsgesellschaft NRW eV
Anfitrión: 2012-DE-56, Auslandsgesellschaft NRW eV:
Ubicación: Dortmund, Alemania
Fecha límite: 01/10/2014
Inicio: 15/01/2015
Fin: 14/01/2016
La vacante del Servicio Voluntario Europeo en Alemania comenzará en enero-febrero de 2015 (flexible)

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